Submersible Controller Panel
Submersible Controller Panels are instrumental in smooth running of pumps by safeguarding these systems against over load condition. Offered controller panels have a number of safety features that extend service life of submersible pumps, improve their output and brings a positive change in the electricity bill by reducing energy usage of the pumps.
Single Phase Prevented With Micro Controller
Single Phase Prevented With Micro Controllers are used to protect induction motors against single phase fault that proves to be damaging for motor stator. These single phase preventers have significant role in monitoring phase operation to detect any irregularity. Adjustable parameters, ability to detect power supply failure and compatibility with motors of different HP are the key aspects of these systems.
Voltage Stabilizer
Electronic voltage stabilizers are used for keeping track of output voltage of different electrical systems to avoid voltage fluctuation, over current and machine error. Known for their long working life, these digital stabilizers come in handy to protect computer, printer, server and other devices.
Water Controller Panel
Water Controller Panel is used in controlling the level of water. The sensors are created specifically for use in underwater environments and are rust-proof. In the event that the underground tank run out of water, the controller also shuts off the pump.

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